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plastic part with decorative coating

Plastics Coatings

Thermospray Company began in 1960 as an industrial paint shop providing protective coatings. We have since lent our expertise in ultra-fine air-atomized spray painting to coat plastics for aerospace giants and local manufacturers. We have adapted with the times while retaining the abilities, techniques and problem-solving abilities that more than 60 years of experience afford us.

Interested in the solutions that we can provide to protect, preserve, and enhance your plastic manufactured components? Call us today for a free quote!

Plastics Coating to Decorate and Protect

Here at Thermospray, we provide water-based, solvent-based, and UV coatings to provide an attractive and durable finish to various plastic substrates. We work with coatings suppliers such as Sherwin Williams and Alsa to provide application of unique protective coating finishes to your products. 

We have experience applying Soft Feel coatings and finishes that leave an end product with an attractive, durable barrier and a unique texture for an enhanced tactile experience. Other specialized coatings are able to provide protection against weathering, aging, and environmental damage. We also provide application of Polane, a polyurethane coating that is chemical-resistant, impact-resistant, and water-resistant. This coating leaves an attractive finish while providing protection for sensitive plastic substrates.

Our UV Coating process is efficient and allows for quick turnaround of high-performance finishes, creating a durable coating that resists scratches and stains and that is also environmentally friendly. We are able to provide protective UV clear coats to protect both plastic and metal products from environmental damage while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your products. 

We can efficiently and with exacting quality paint your parts, no matter the challenges involved. We are familiar with the best coating systems for your manufactured components, and we can bring our expertise to provide plastic coatings solutions.

Interested in seeing what a difference Thermospray can make for you? Get a quote now to lock in our competitive rates for quality services. We can also apply conformal coating over your EMI/RFI shielding to limit the conductive area around sensitive components.

Mixer Keys

Protective Coating Types

Solvent based coating example on lexan


Blue coating applied within a clear part to protect enclosure.

Soft Touch Decorative Coating example


Total Matte Finish with a unique texture.


Clear parts can be coated with a white undercoat and a dark topcoat, allowing for the top coat to be lasered off at precise depths in select areas to create a backlit effect.

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