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Thermospray Company

Thermospray Company is a coatings job-shop with a number of specialties. We provide coatings solutions to safeguard manufactured components from environmental elements and decrease interference, as well as overlay decorative finishes to plastic parts. Our experience in providing services for a wide range of suppliers, as well as our commitment to quality standards and our attention to detail, have earned us the reputation of a vital partner in filling your manufacturing and finishing needs.

Originally founded in 1960, Thermospray is a family business. We started off as a manufacturing engineer who saw the benefit of outsourcing specialized coating applications to a shop with the capabilities to apply specialized coatings. Since then, we have been able to specialize in the application of conformal coating to PCBs and PWAs, EMI/RFI shielding to plastic components, and decorative applications to plastics. We are able to apply coatings to many military and industrial specifications, including Mil-146058, IPC CC 830B, and many others.


We have in-house, custom fixture manufacturing that enables us to mask complex areas efficiently and at low cost. We also custom design and cut masking materials to enable coating of intricate details with high accuracy and output. Our facility is able to provide coatings and shielding services, customized to exact specifications, and we have been recognized for our excellence in upholding quality and superior technique.


Wondering if we could provide the services you need? Contact us today for more information.

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