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circuit board with conformal coating

Conformal Coating

Thermospray offers conformal coating services to product manufacturers and contract assembly houses. Conformal coating of PCBs and PWAs protects circuits from moisture and dust.

Looking to protect your PCBs while meeting industry standards with efficiency? Contact us today for a free quote!

Conformal Coating for Circuit Boards

Coatings are what we do. We regularly apply Humiseal, Cytec Conap, Dexter Hysol, Dow Silicones and other quality conformal coatings as specified by our clients. Boards and cable assemblies coated by Thermospray can be found in ships, in aircraft, on CATV line monitors, in remote monitoring stations and in electronic signs. Conformal coatings used, if requested, are qualified to IPC-CC-830 (formerly MIL-I-46058C), with UL approved coatings available.

We specialize in medium to high volume at extremely competitive prices. Eliminate the overhead of maintaining conformal coating capabilities in your facility and allow us to provide our expertise with over 60 years of experience.

Protect your boards and preserve their functions by allowing us to provide your conformal coating services. We provide compliance with standards and manage the liability, exposure, and waste disposal so you can focus on producing your parts without worrying about their protection. Our conformal coating services are able to withstand rigorous testing and enhance your products so they can last in any environment.

After applying conformal coating to your boards, we can also apply EMI/RFI shielding to attenuate interference with your electronics.

Conformal Coating Services

PCB with conformal coating
PCBs with and without conformal coating
circuit board with conformal coating
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