EMI/RFI Shielding Application And More.

EMI / RFI shielding (for more detail see our FAQ ) can be necessary to reduce liability and avoid interference with today's sensitive  high-frequency electronics. This can present a real challenge when using injection molded enclosures for your electronics. At Thermospray, we can apply copper, nickel, silver or other metallic-impregnated paint to the inside of your enclosures, to the backside of plastic front and rear panels, or to any other plastic surface which requires shielding or conductivity.

Application of conformal coating, an insulative barrier, is often required over the EMI shielding - at Thermospray you can enjoy one stop purchasing. Click here to learn more about our Conformal Coating Service .

If you are a manufacturer or an injection molder, application of EMI / RFI shielding and conformal coating can range from a nuisance to a virtual impossibility. Waste disposal, OSHA and EPA compliance and application difficulties can take you away from your core business. At Thermospray, we coat thousands upon thousands of these enclosures, so let us exercise our expertise on your behalf.





Our service doesn't end inside your enclosure. We offer a wide range of services to customize and decorate your plastics, including machining,  Silkscreening , pad printing and Hotstamping and Painting .

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